Out on the Weekend


Wow what a crazy weekend.  3 games, two losses, one win, one arrested reliever and one that stays injured.

Lets talk about Friday’s slugfest.  I predicted that there would be a high scoring affair during this series I just wasn’t expecting it to happen that night.  The offensive numbers were ridiculous: 26 runs and 36 hits for both clubs. Every Mariner starter but 2 had multiple hits (4 for Raul), The pitching was non-existent for both clubs, cha Seung Baek had his worst start of the year (3.2 IP 7 ER) but the team won again. Baek has no decisions after 3 starts but the Mariners are 3 and 0 when he takes the mound.  THe 15 runs scored on Friday night were the team’s highest at Yankee Stadium.

Saturday was the Jeff Weaver vs. Chien-Ming Wang matchup; and guess what, the Mariners got pounded again.  Weaver pitched an unheard of 5 and two-thirds innings but as usual gave up the big inning that we couldn’t dig out of.  The Pitcher King gave up 6 earned runs and 9 hits for the game.  Since he actually made it out of the first he will probably get another start and I still don’t know why.  When you pay a cat 8.3 mil a year (that’s elite pticher scribble) 6 runs in 5.3 should not be an improvement worthy of getting another shot.  How many more games do we have to lose before we cut our losses with this guy? 5 of our 12 losses are his fault and why this is allowed to continue is beyond me. Anyways moving on..

Yesterday Jared Washburn had another great start but the M’s were shutout (or as I call it getting "Franklined" in tribute to former M’s starter Ryan Franklin that suffered from the worst run support in recent memory) by recent call up Darrell Rasner.  The highlight of the game was the beanball battle that resulted in the benches getting cleared.  We have a historyof getting fiesty with the Yankees.  Back in 96 I was at the Kingdome when Daryl Strawberry started getting into it with Dan Wilson, both dugouts emptied and me and some others in my section got into a shouting match with Don Zimmer, good times.  Luckily nothing was hurt but pride and the teams will meet again tonight at 4 PST. 

Felix Hernandez has had his return delayed yet again for the continued issue in his right forearm. His knew return date is May 15th against the Angels.  I have a feeling this is something a lot nastier than it appears.

Finally reliever Julio Mateo was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of domestic violence stemming from some injuries sustained by his wife. The team has sent him to Triple-A Tacoma and has been suspended 10 days by the team.  Look, I never got into Law School so I’m not going to give a snap judgment on the guy, but if the court of law proves that he did what they say he did then he deserves the full punishment of the law. However if he is aquitted we need to move from this incident and let him get on with his life.  I hope he’s not a wifebeater.   



  1. levelboss@levelboss.com

    dude, i gotta say that Josh Phelps was out of line when he plowed into Johjima; i don’t advocate plunking retaliation, but when Phelps got plunked it seemed balanced out again. then when Scott Proctor almost hit Bettancourt then i felt it was out of line again

    hopefully today’s game will see some straight play

  2. jaernelson@comcast.net

    After Sundays game I have lost alot of respect for Torre. I was certain Torre would have stuck Phelps on the bench for that cheap shot on Johjima. I was wrong, he gave Phelps the nod of aprovel. I was glad to see though that MLB and the Umpires give the Yankees a little slap that they felt and all saw. The suspensions for Torre and Proctor and We all saw Willie was out by miles… MLB is a game of Nuances. The umpires right there let the Yankees know there will be absolutely no strong arming…

  3. Josh

    Both of you guys make great points, it really looks like things in Yankee World are really messed up right now. Willie was very out, It seems really fishy and even I feel a smidge dirty after seeing it. I’d rather have a clean game then have someone made an example of on the field

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