New guys droppin like flies.

The big weekend is almost upon us, and for some out there it’s already upon us (the traffic was much thinner than usual Tacoma commute fare) and the Bavasi Bashers have been given more ammo from which to fire.  We lost yesterday what has been described as the worst game of the year and I think they may have some credibility with that description.  Bad base-running, bad pitching all around and 25 combined runs can do certainly skew a dude’s perception. 

What Bavasi Bashers are all a-smile about is the eventual return of Horatio Ramirez to the DL.  After blowing another first inning lead Ramirez left the game in the third(?) with tightness in his tossin shoulder.  This cat has an injury history and that’s one of the reasons we were able to get him in the trade with Atlanta for another injury prone but talented pitcher in Raph Soriano. Aon2x5uc  The man is an enigma to me.  At home dude is sterling; 4 and 0, 2.19 ERA, good right? However away from the cavernous confines of the Safe he is a warm steaming t*rd (the soft serve kind, like you spent the night binging on PBR and Taco Bell) and his numbers reflect it; a Weaver-esque 0 and 2 with a diaper filling 13.21 ERA all on the road. 

So the question posed is the same I posed when t*rdboy Weaver “went on the DL.”  Who will fill the spot in the rotation? I nominate Justin Lehr (5-0, 2.44 ERA, 30 K’s 14 walks at Triple A Tacoma). I’ve seen him pitch a couple of times and while my blind no-depth perception havin’ a*s is the best judge of stuff he gets guys out consistently and to me that is really what matters.  I think he’s earned his shot.  Who do you guys think we should put in there if Ramirez is gone for a while?




    Oh Man! Thanks a lot for the visual: PBR and Taco Bell. My eyes are burin’

    Seriously, Monday’s game is very high profile. LAA is red hot after dropping their favorite AL East punching bag 3 straight. The boys will have to stop screwing around and play Heads Up ball if they expect to win.


    I for one am glad to see Horom aka T*rdboy out of the rotation. Bavasi is an idiot for ever trading Soriano for this gimp, He should be flog and quartered outside SafeCo park for such a grieves error. Imagine our bullpen with Soriano back. Think it is good now?

    As for who should take the turn in our rotation… Yah Lehr has great numbers, What I need to know is what are his 3 pitches he will hang his hat on? What is his top velocity and how much change of speed does he have to his let up pitch? If he hides the ball well and has a short arm delivery. As well as atleast 9 miles an hour difference in his top to bottom pitch he has a chance. There has been to many right handed pitchers that have an over the top long arm delivery like Garcia and Meche. Yah that arm slot is great for 12 to 6 curve balls that rotation is nearly impossible to pick up. But to often it makes for a flat fastball.

    I personally would like to see Fierbend. He has great velocity. A 3/4 arm slot “means the ball comes out of his ear and batters can not pick it up tell after he releases it” He has some nasty offspeed pitches that bite hard. Fierbend has all of the intangibles that make a pitcher great.

    Everything I have heard about Lehr is he is a younger version of Batista. A sinker slider righty with an average mlb fastball. If that is true he will do Seatle no good.

  3. Joy

    My condolences on acquiring Jeff Weaver– we had that oxygen waster on our team last year. It was just ridiculous. Why anyone would sign him is beyond me. He’s not any good. He’s terrible. If you’re lucky management will trade his ***, if anyone will take him , by the July 31 deadline.

    We’ve got a good game shaping up tonight.

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