A word that rhymes with orange

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see cloudy skies in my life.  With any luck the nasty weather will help keep the eco-funk in the air down long enough to keep my head from itching uncontrollably and leaking noxious fluids for a while.  When it’s over 90 in your place and your head is stuffed with allergic goodness its **** near impossible to write.  It’s too bad because a lot of good stuff has been going on in Mariner land. 


So last night at about 10 o’clock with my head swimming from caffeine withdrawal and antihistamine abuse and my stomach brimming with High Life and wheel cheese (I prefer my cheese in wheel form whenever possible) I decided it was best I get some sleep and prepare for another allergeriffic day at the office.  At that point it was the top of the 8th and the Mariners were losing 4 to 3 and not showing many signs of life.  I figured that I wasn’t going to miss a whole lot if I just crashed early for once.  Yeah…I know…I was wrong.  The M’s scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 8th off the Orioles bullpen on the shoulder of No Legs, J-Lo and a red hot Ichiro.  Now the Mariners are 4 over .500 and have been rolling, only losing one series since the last homestand.  Granted we are still 5 and a half back of Californaheim but the progress of the offense has been pretty amazing.  I believe we are currently the 2nd best hitting team in the AL.  Good times for all. 

So we are winning, and you know what’s going to happen.  That’s right it’s time for some bad personnel decisions!  Look I wasn’t against the promotion of Ryan Feierabend I just think that Justin Lehr (6-0, 2.42 ERA in Triple A) deserved the opportunity more. The kid pitched well I will give him that and I cant wait to see what can do; well we wont get that chance any time soon because its time for bad personnel decisions.  Feierabend was sent back to Tacoma so the team can reactivate reliever Chris Reitsma and I’m not against this move so much because the bullpen is getting beat down like a pack mule and needs some help before it implodes.  The one that really bothers me is this little snippet I read on mariners.mlb.com today:

Weaver to start Saturday: Starter Jeff Weaver is expected to make his first start since being placed on the disabled list against the Padres on Saturday.

Yeah you read that right.  Apparently I’m not smoking the same drugs as the folks in the front office because I see no reason to bring the Lord of Su*k back into the pitching rotation of a winning team?   I don’t get it are we too many games over .500?  Are we playing too well?  Do we really 6 more starts of guaranteed losses so badly that Jeff Weaver has to grace the mound again?  Can someone please tell me why they are doing this from a baseball standpoint?  I’m not talking about the money being spent, I’m talking about what good he can bring when he shown pretty conclusively that he cannot pitch for this team. 

Well all Lou-esque tirades aside, tonight Cha Seung Baek will start for the Mariners against some dude named Burris of the Orioles.  Sorry but I’ve been out of the Baltimore pitching loop for a while now.  If he is good he will show it on the field tonight. With any luck I’ll be able to write again tomorrow. 


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