Gettin drafty in here

So literally when I sent up the last post praising our 4 run lead I got an alert telling me that the Orioles had run up a 5 spot of Washburn in the top of the 5th.  Ain’t that just a smack in the face?  We ended up losing the game 9 to 5 and had a much deserved day off yesterday in preparation for the trip to San Diego and the resumption of interleague play. 

Since we had they day off I was able to keep an eye on the new and improved, media driven and hella scrutinized 2007 MLB draft.  There are a multitude of sports outlets detailing what’s going on so I’ll try to synopsize the important Mariner 1st day picks. 

4yignvvh Phillipe Aumont.  RHP.  Ecole Du Versant (HS), Gatineau Quebec. 11th overall.
The poster pick of the M’s draft, Aumont was rated as high as number 5 on some mock draft boards.  Dude is pretty stout coming in at 6’7 and 225 lbs.  He is described as a natural athlete with a 96 mile an hour fastball and an effective curve.  International play experience with Team Canada helps add to his resume.  The big question about Aumont is his lack of experience on the mound. He has not pitched for very long and since he is from Quebec has not thrown as many innings as his stateside peers. Due to his inexperience expect him to log more hours at Peoria, Everett and West Tenn to get his skill refined.  I don’t anticipate a Brandon Morrow-esque rise to the show.  Mariners prognosis: I see him as a solid 2 or 3 starter. Imagine pre-shoulder surgery Joel Pinero.  A good middle of the rotation guy but I don’t think he will have ace stuff. 

Matt Mangini. 3rd Base.  Oklahoma State. 52nd overall.  X9xcvekv
This guy was drafted because he was seen as one of the draft’s better “pure” hitters.  Dude struggled with the aluminum bat this season at OSU but lit it up during the summer with a wooden bat in the indie leagues.  His stock likely dropped because of his struggles against NCAA pitching but according to the media circus scouts hope to see his plate work improve in the wooden bat world of the minors.  Mariners prognosis:  Hitters are hard to gauge but it looks like Mangini is going to be in direct competition with junior Tui to be the heir apparent for Adrian Beltre.  It will come down to who can hit better in the minors.  Mangini is a power lefty and they are valuable.  If he doesn’t get the 3rd base job in Seattle he could be a DH or even a trade piece for a deadline deal down the road.

E69fmuv5 Nolan Gallagher. RHP Stanford.  135th overall. 
I had to skip a couple of picks because I couldn’t find much info on them.  Can’t comment on who is not ridiculously profiled down his favorite color can I?  Anyways besides sounding like the lost member of Oasis Gallagher looks like a gamble pick for the team.  He was supposed to take the step into quality starter status last season at Stanford but struggled from day one and eventually lost his spot in the rotation.  Looks like a kid with good tools but no confidence.  If the M’s developmental team can get his head straight he could be an effective player.  Mariners prognosis: This kid could go pretty much anywhere. If he gets his stuff together he can be a middle rotation guy like Aumont but if he doesn’t and continues his Jeff Weaver imitation he could end up toiling at Triple A until his contract expires or be released outright well before. It’s really up to him with a control of his destiny greater than many other players. 

In other news I read today that the folks at Safeco Field are now going to start handing out red cards to people they feel are unruly.  Are you serious?  I mean…really?  This jackboot behavior police ******** is actually happening? Here?   Wow…I knew there was some serious liberal fascism brewing up in the Emerald City but ****.  Look drinking beer and heckling the players is a part of the major league experience.  As long as you are not putting your hands or fluids on other fans they should just leave you the **** alone.  Security has its place at the ballpark but this just seems to be way too much.  If I’m wrong here let me know. 


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