Mistake by the lake…almost

Does anyone else notice the odd comfortable feeling that comes when your team does well?  It’s nice for reasons that I can’t explain with my limited vocabulary.  As of this morning the Mariners are 8 games over .500, winners of 15 of their last 20, scoring over 4 runs a game and within 2 games of the wild card. If you would have told this back when I started this blog I probably would given myself a stroke from laughing so hard but here we are. 

Man last night was a doozer wasn’t it?  The fellas spot Cha Seung Baek a 7 run lead, the Indians come back to tie it in the 8th and we come back in the ninth to get our 4th one run victory in a row.  It is pretty crazy, in fact almost tractor pull insane sane sane.  Of course the story of the night was Raul.  The M’s left fielder went 4 for 5 with 2 homers and 5 RBIs, a great game from one of the unsung producers in baseball. 

Raul Ibañez belts his second two-run homer off Paul Byrd on Monday. Ibañez finished with four hits and five RBI.

This surge would be even sweeter if the Angels would just lose a game or two so we could gain some ground.  They have been even hotter than us during this period.  Well it’s hard to lose when you have a healthy Bartolo Colon and Vladimir Guerrero on your team; especially when you can’t win the games you play against them.  We are atrocious against the Halos this year like we were atrocious against the A’s last season. 

Found this on the internets by ESPN.com writer Jonah Keri:
“But despite the pen’s efforts, the M’s own the fifth-worst team ERA in MLB. You can thank the horrendous duo of Jeff Weaver and Horacio Ramirez, who together comprise the worst back end of a rotation in the majors. Ramirez, whom the M’s acquired for lights-out reliever Rafael Soriano in one of the most inexplicable deals in recent memory, is mercifully on the disabled list. But the Mariners somehow allowed Weaver to re-enter the rotation after hitting the DL with a 14.32 ERA, a decision that can be called nothing other than insane.”
See? I’m not the only one that thinks that way.  Sometimes I wonder if they only people that can’t see where the mistakes were made are Bavasi and to a lesser extend Mike Hargrove.  I’m not going to bag to hard on the manager since he has been doing a pretty good job with some the mistakes made by the GM. 

The heavy use of this great bullpen is going to become a more and more pressing issue as the season progresses.  Oft injured reliever Chris Reitsma went back to the DL yesterday with elbow inflammation prompting another call up for Jake Woods who was pitching poorly in Tacoma (7 plus ERA, what does Lehr have to do to get promoted?).  At this rate the bullpen will be shot by late August and if we somehow make the playoffs in that state not only will we fail to go deep in the postseason but some serious lingering injury issues to many of the young players in those roles could result.  Brandon Morrow could end up getting Mark Priored. 

We are going to Wrigley this week to meet up with old friends.  The Mariners make their first ever trip to the famed Wrigley Field in Chicago tonight to face Lou Pinella’s struggling Chicago Cubs.  On paper we should be able to go in there and frickin dominate but a new park and against a new team any manner of disasters is possible.    Tonight its Wash vs. Cub lefty Rich Hill. 


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