So I reported yesterday that Ichiro was supposed to be out of the series opener against Baltimore due to the injury he sustained during Sunday’s loss to Detroit.  Imagine my amazement at 7:10 yesterday evening when ole number 51 strolls into the batters box and leads the game off with a double and later steals thir dto give the Mariners an early 1 nothing lead.  It’s true I was amazed.  Shows a lot of heart (or foolhardiness if this turns out to be an issue exacerbated by playing) to bounce back and go 2 for 3 when you are supposed to be out.  Good on ya!

Horatio Ramirez also made his return to the M’s last night pitching a gem in what the local sports radio guys call making good use of location and opponent.  Ramirez is lights out at home (undefeated with a sub 3 ERA) but Weaver-esque on the road (ERA over 13).  So facing a punchless Oriole offense (no Tejada, no Melvin Mora) at Safeco is a good formula for success if you happen to be good at home against AAA hitting.  I think we need to initiate a rotation within the rotation for that 5th spot.  Let Ramirez pitch at home but have someone more effective pitch his road starts, don’t know who that would be quite yet but that’s why I’m not on the Mariner payroll. 


I’m finally getting my wish.  On the 29th the M’s are having a Turn Back the Clock Night with the team fielding the Trident uniforms from the inagural 1977 season.  I know it’s not my multi-game all uniform showcase featuring era-relevant former players but I am glad that the team is doing something to acknowledge that the franchise did in fact exist before 1995 (though it would be hard to find many other fans that would). 

Jose Guillen is having an outstanding month of July.  Crazy is hitting over .440 for the month and is hitting over .400 against left handed pitching coming into last nights game.  I made a prediciton early on that if he could stay healthy and get over his offseason surgery that he could be a factor and I am very glad that it was able to come to fruition.  His throwing arm also looks to be back and healthy.  If we are to make a real push for the postseason we need his bat (since Sexson is apparently carrying his for decoration). 

It looks like it will be time for me to issue some more Trident awards soon.  With The work of the aforementioned Crazy Jose, others (J.J., Ichiro, "34") are in need of the props that only a ninja like myself could provide.  No that the weather is cooling down I may be able to get some extra writing done. We’ll see.

Tonight is game 2 vs the Orioles, it’ll be Felix "34" Hernandez vs. Jeremy Guthrie

Standings:  AL West, 2.5 GB Californiheim. Wild Card, 1 GB Cleveland.



  1. chazbedlam@cableone.net

    Mariners Fan,

    I probably shouldn’t be laughing yet, but I can’t help it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Your ballclub does this evey time you have a “good” season. It looks like noone can beat em, and then they realize that they are the M’s and they choke. Mojo Risin’? Um……..no. Ichiro would look awesome in pinstripes, maybe he would like to join a real team? We’ll have our people call your people.


    Yankees fan

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