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Running Diary; M’s vs A’s 4/25

This is my first attempt at a running game diary so please don’t judge too harshly.

We are live from Oakland Alameda County Coliseu…… of snap wait we are in the age of commercialized stadium names hold on *searching searching searching* all right McAfee Coliseum for the Oakland A’s and the Seattle Mariners.  The M’s have lost 10 straight here and hope to increase their 2-1 season lead on their AL west rivals. 

Starting pitchers tonight are:

Seattle: Jared Washburn 0-2, 4.42. a guy that really needs to step up for the M’s to both justify his contract and give a struggling starting 5 some stability and hopefully give an already overworked bullpen some rest.

Oakland: “Husky” Joe Blanton 2-0, 4.13.  Dude is 6-1 all time against Seattle and is obviously pretty dominant against us.  Against the rest of the AL he is mediocre at best but looks like Roger Clemens when he takes the mound against Mariner bats.  We finally beat him during the opening series and really need to do it again.   

Starting Lineups:

Seattle                         Oakland

Suzuki, CF

Stewart, LF-CF

Beltre, 3B

Ellis, 2B

Vidro, DH (No-Legs)

Chavez, 3B

Ibanez, LF

Piazza, DH

Sexson, 1B

Crosby, SS

Guillen, RF (Crazy J)

Johnson, 1B

Johjima, C

Buck, RF

Betancourt, SS

Kendall, C

Lopez, 2B (J-Lo)

Putnam, CF

Other nicknames pending

Announcing are Dave Niehaus, Dave Sims and Mike Blowers. 

Top 1st:

Ichiro grounds out to the pitcher on 4 pitches.  Beltre hits it hard but lines out to center on a warning track shot (at least he made contact).  No-Legs flies out weakly to right.  Easy 1st inning for the infamous Husky Joe.  I’m not going to bounce on the fellas yet but it looks like we could be in for a long one. 

Bottom 1st

Wash really needs to put guys away tonight cause he could easily get shelled if he plays games with these green wearing fools.  Stewart grounds out to short, great twirling play by Yuni Betancourt, dude can play the field despite his recent error issues.  Ellis flies out to Crazy Jose in right on 2 pitches, nice.  Man he don’t mess round with the chaw.  Wash gets Chavez to fly out to Ichiro.  Probably the best inning that I’ve seen Washburn sling all season.  0-0 after one. 

Top 2

Niehaus calls Blanton a Mariner killer, aint that the truth.  Raul strikes out quick, no laboring.  Is it me or does Richie have the world’s biggest strike zone?  It’s ******* huge, then he grounds out to short. C’mon guys let’s try working the count just a smidge.  HECK YES!! Crazy Jose belts the **** out of the ball and it sails with malice into the left field stands just clearing the foul pole.  1-0 M’s.  Our 3rd road dinger of the year (sad but hey let me have my fun).  Kenji quickly grounds to Chavez at third ending the inning.  Woo Hoo a lead in Oakland!

Now comes the real challenge..can our starters keep a lead??

Bottom 2

Mike Piazza grounds out to Yuni (looking all kinds of goofy in A’s green).  Crosby flies out to Richie at 1st. Young’n Dan Johnson grounds to J-Lo at second.  2 down for Washburn. 

Top 3

Yuni gets on with a sweet blooping single over Crosby at short.  J-Lo flies out in foul territory, shoulda let that one go.  Ichiro walks in 5, giving us the joy time of seeing Adrian Beltre hit with runners in scoring position, aaaaand as expected he hits into a double play, I’m as surprised as you.

Bottom 3

Have I mentioned yet that Wash is already sporting mid-season stubble?  Travis Buck sends a routine fly to Ichiro. Shallow pop up by Jason Kendall to center.  Another young’n Dan Putnam whiffs; let the pitcher’s duel begin. 1-0 M’s after 3.

Top 4

Vidro gets an infield hit…somehow…musta been magic, oh well I’ll take it just don’t make him try to steal, poor guy has no legs.  Raul is up and is really hacking, strikes out again.  Richie promptly grounds into a double play, that’s how many millions in double plays so far this game?***** you Husky Joe!!

Bottom 4 (the witching hour for M’s pitching this year)

Shannon Stewart ends the no-hit bid with a single past short, drag. Ellis gets on but the A’s lose the lead runner, good hustle by Yuni to get the dribbler just past the mound.   Chavez gets a hit past J-Lo. Here we go let the pessimism begin.  Beltre saves our bacon by stabbing the Pizza liner off the dirt, stepping on third and sending a rifle-shot to first to get my blood pressure back down.  Whew!

Top 5

Blanton gets Crazy J to swing at a pitch up in the zone and strikes him out (looks like he was trying to hard to get 2 homers).  Kenji dribbles out to third.  Still good to see him back.  Yuni flies out to Ellis in shallow center, we are just cruising along tonight I’m going to have carpal tunnel trying to keep up at this rate.   

Bottom 5

Crosby flies out to Guillen in right, dude gets crazy in the field too, just how it is.  Dan Johnson apparently is filling the “guy with a red beard” quota for the A’s this year. He harmlessly flies out to Ichiro.  Buck grounds to short, good work by Wash so far tonight.  1-0 M’s after 5 (we’s official now WOOT!) 

Top 6

J-Lo flies out to Putnam in center, back to Ichiro.   Husky Joe’s curve is really wicked tonight, no one can hit it when its on.  That curve gets Ichiro swinging, 2 down. Beltre grounds out to Chavez at third, like Dave Sims just said another quick inning. 

Bottom 6

Another 1st pitch strike to Kendall, who taps it to third for the easy put out.  Kendall looks like a survivor reject with that scrag he’s wearing on his face.  Putnam taps to first, quick 2 outs (getting hard to keep up, better quit making fun of enemy facial hair).  Stewart grounds out to Betancourt. Washburn is rolling, someone really wants a Trident Award. 

Top 7

No-Legs gets ANOTHER infield hit.  Where is the real Jose Vidro?   Raul flies to the warning track (hey he made contact leave him alone).  Sexson meekly flies out in foul territory to Chavez, not much power from the big guy tonight.  Crazy flies out to short to end the inning. 

Bottom 7

Ellis flies out to Richie on a liner.  Chavez walks, may be time to get the pen started.  Piazza gets jammed and flies out to first. Ichiro gets the Crosby pop up to end the threat.  7 great ones for Washburn with an insane 3 single digit pitch count innings.

Top 8

JOH! JOH! JOH! JOH!  Kenji sends a hanging curve over Stewart’s head for his first home run of the year!   2-0 Mariners! Yuni gets his second hit of the night, are we getting to Blanton?  Lopez tries to bunt but goes foul, not a pretty bunt.  SWEET!  Betancourt gets picked off but still beats the throw to 2nd, well done kid.  J-Lo gets good bunt down this time and it moves Yuni to third.  Ichiro gets a free pass, guess they know what we all know and that Beltre is not a great threat with runners on. ******! they catch Ichiro snoozing and they get Yuni at the plate (Ichiro gets to second).  Terrible baserunning guys. *slams head on desk* Annnnd Beltre flies out to first, at least we hold to tradition. 

Bottom 8

Wash is still in, not so sure I agree with that we shall see. Gets Cap’n Red Beard Johnson to strike out looking.  Travis Buck looking very Oakland with his head shag.  Buck walks on 4 after having an 0-2 count.  J.J. in finally warming up in the pen.  Beltre makes another fine play in the field, getting Buck at second, not enough time for the deuce.  Bobby Kielty pinch hitting for Putnam. YES! Beltre makes up for his futility at the plate with a great diving stop to end the inning.  * gives mad fielding props*       

Top 9

Vidro strikes out on a nasty Blanton fastball.  Raul has been getting fooled by Blanton all night, strikes out for a third time.  Richie is up (hitting a robust .151 so far), grounds to first to end the inning.   And it looks like Wash is coming out again. 

Bottom 9 (the hammer)

Hargrove cannot hesitate to bring the closer out here if Washburn labors.  Base hit for Stewart (cmon cmon cmon).  Ibanez reels in a scary looking pop up by Mark Ellis on the track, one down. Hargrove comes out and decides to leave Washburn in. At the plate the dangerous Eric Chavez.  Wash at 98 pitches.   10 pitches so far, 2-2 count.   YES!  Amazing double play from Lopez to Betancourt to Sexson on a slow hit roller to end the game!   

Mariners win 2 to nothing. Washburn gets the win, Blanton takes the loss. 

Player of the game: Jared Washburn 9 IP, 0 ER, 3 hits, 2 K’s, 2 walks.  Well done Jared, well done.